40 useful tips that help to lose weight

tips on how to lose weight

The limitations of nutrition, sports, motivation... the Basic ways on how to lose weight, are all well known, but here are some small but useful tricks to know a few.

Here is a list of 40 simple and sometimes very unexpected recommendations that will help you lose weight time and without excessive voltage.

  1. The expected daily norm kilocalories, where you don't gain weight, can certainly make this formula Your weight in kilograms divide 0,45 and multiply the 14.
    Weight (kg): 0,45 X 14
    If you want to, however, is not simply a form to stay the same weight, do the same calculation, only not the actual weight replacement the desired. Follow this underestimated the numbers, you lose pounds, though slowly, but firmly.

  2. Sprinkle with cinnamon porridge, yogurt, coffee and other food, which will embed this spice. It has the ability to accelerate the metabolism and all over the floor a teaspoon a day can help you shed about a pound for six.

  3. If you eat in the office, not for a meal, we're behind the table. Studies show that sitting in front of the monitor or screen of television, people consume an average of 250 kilocalories more.

  4. Laugh often. 10-15 minutes of laughter a day will increase weeks calorie consumption is 280 kcal.

  5. carrot juice
  6. Thanks to the content of fiber and low calorie carrot juice helps to lose weight 1,8 kg 1,5-2 months. Consumption rate — 1 glass (200 ml) per day.

  7. Take preformed calcium. This trace element promotes the breakdown of fat and makes this process a 2.6% more efficient.

  8. During class, the fitness or even simple walking listen to rhythmic music — it motivates the physical activity and helps you last longer deal.

  9. Do not exclude food lean red meat. Protein-rich food helps to grow muscle mass and muscle mass burns much more calories than body fat, even at rest.

  10. Drag fitness club friends. According to statistics, people who engage in sports with a group of acquaintances, lose weight 30% stronger than the athletes, the fans.

  11. Eat less salt and more bitter pepper. Salt-free diet helps get rid of excessive liquid and the pepper contains a substance capsaicin, accelerates metabolism by up to 25%.

  12. According to a survey of british doctors, one of the main reasons why spontaneous overeating is stress at work. If you are nervous, sit down and take some deep breaths, you can try the technique diaphragmatic breathing (when the soul exercise of the abdominal muscles). You gradually calm down and wants to jam their problems will not occur.

  13. To engage in fitness the best in the morning, before your first meal. First of all, it speeds up your metabolism for the day ahead, and secondly, so that the body can spend the energy, which is received not food, but its the same fat.

  14. Use actually quite perfectly perfect.. According to a recent study, soy protein in a special way affects our taste buds and creates a quickly satiety.

  15. Before serving dinner on the table all the major pieces of the food is the best cut. It allows you to consume about 20% less calories, because the sliced form of the servings seem to people more, than when presented in one piece. And cheat your eyes, you cheat with the stomach.

  16. the bike course
  17. The most effective exercise (from the perspective of burning calories) — the bike course. The most effective after running load — easy walking, go on where you can and outside the walls of the gym.

  18. Ideal for breakfast the british nutritionists recognized the boiled eggs with a piece of bread or fruit. Eggs are rich in protein, thanks to which the organism better spending derived from the calories throughout the day, and the presentation of this platter carbohydrate free you energy and do not give rapidly eat.

  19. Red wine prevents the formation of fat deposits in the abdominal area; such effects to ensure that the composition has the substance, which in turn own grapes. Only do not overdo it: one glass a day is absolutely sufficient.

  20. Turn on the peaceful classical music, when sit down to eat. Under such an accompaniment of people eat less on average 15-20% because chew slower and better to eat.

  21. Chew carefully. Try to chew each mouthful of food at least 25 times before send it to the stomach. Two positive impacts related to not force yourself to wait: first of all, such food is more easily digestible; second, to held massage the gums, which warns of periodontal disease.

  22. Chew gum without sugar-immediately after a meal and two hours later. It helps to cope with unmotivated hunger.

  23. Snack pomegranate. The seeds of this fruit contain a substance that prevent the education of fat deposits, and the sweet taste of wins in appetite.

  24. Eat meat not the pan, and the oven baked or grilled (this feature is on most modern boards). This way of processing appears to be the meat of excess fat and stir-frying, on the contrary, it adds.

  25. Green tea is the caffeine is combined with a special antioxidant, which speeds up the recycle of fat to energy. Thus, regular drinking of this drink can accelerate your metabolism by nearly 20%.

  26. Replace the salad and other maitserohelist fresh spinach. If the low-calorie he has the most fiber, which helps cleanse the DIGESTIVE tract and helps the body break down fat more efficiently.

  27. goat cheese
  28. Try goat cheese instead of cows: he 40% less calories, but it is not inferior to the content of useful elements.

  29. Instead of pasta or buckwheat use garnish, lentils or beans. Legumes contain a lot of fiber and especially amino acids, which help to actively get rid of fat deposits. 2,5 months "pulses diet" may lose up to 7 kg

  30. Completely exclude fats from your menu can not be, even if only because they are necessary to moving is a lot of vitamins and minerals. Better replace them with "healthy", i.e. instead of fatty dairy and meat products are turkey, meat, fish, linseed and olive oil, eggs, nuts. Studies show that such replacement is not only conducive to weight loss, but is extremely beneficial for the heart.

  31. Do not skip breakfast. Waiver morning meals increases the total daily calorie intake of about 100.

  32. Although apples stimulate maomahl and provoke an appetite, consumption of one apple 15 minutes before lunch or dinner reduces the which calorie of your food for 150-200 in a day. Scientists explain this effect of apples are high in fiber.

  33. Salad dressings, flavored olive oil, more for food, if dried vegetables. When we consume olive oil, the body produces a special protein, and it "tells" our brains that hunger for quiet. Thus, you put the left in the appetite and prevent overeating.

  34. Tomatoes contain a rare component, overwhelming the body in hormone production hunger. To experience this effect, simply add a few slices to your dinner, put the sandwich or the morning of scrambled eggs.

  35. The ideal pause between meals — 3 hours. If the wait until the next snacks or dinner for longer, blood sugar levels begin to "gallop", metabolism will be stamped, and then there is a danger to pounce on food and overeating.

  36. Add more meat and vegetable dishes and sweet peppers. Calories it almost does not exist, but there are very a lot of vitamin C, which is required for processing body fat into energy.

  37. With olive oil, salads can execute the normal vinegar or sauces on this basis. It contains acid, which will accelerate the decomposition of fat and helps in weight reduce.

  38. the food is on the move
  39. Do not eat on the move. Desk sitting, man eats 30% less.

  40. Eat with someone who eats little. Like say psychologists, that people subconsciously compare the dimensions of your servings of dinner to a neighbor and to adapt to them all. So that women to dinner with men, usually eat 20-35% more than usual. And here meal a few along with girlfriend publish the opposite effect.

  41. Do not fall of the chair immediately after a workout in the fitness or other intense load, if you do not get tired. Easy walk for 15-20 minutes will extend the decomposition process of fat and abrupt termination, but, on the contrary, reduces the impact on your effort to reduce.

  42. Energy drinks are 4-8 times high-calorie coffee and lead to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels. So if coffee, even instant, to slightly speeding up your metabolism and helps in the fight against excess pounds of goods, cupping energy, on the contrary, may be the cause of excess weight, the emergence of.

  43. Do not drink packaged fruit juices: these have too much sugar and relatively high in calories (40-60 100 ml). Calorie fresh is about the same, but they contain more digestible sugar, and a lot of fiber.

  44. Is skim milk is almost 2 times less caloriesthan normal, but the same amount of calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen the refining of the fat cells. In addition, milk fat is harmful Ah the heart and blood vessels and increases cholesterol levels.

  45. Even if you are very tired, never not to forget your intimate life. Having sex burns 150 calories in 20 minutes and helps produce a special hormone that speeds up metabolism.

  46. Cut the bread, sausage and cheese in thin, transparent slices. Try to visually deceive your stomach.

  47. The sequence of the times of the week fish of the day. The body needs vitamin D is covered for the whole week. Fish, except certain species, contains little fat and well fed. Marine fish, moreover, reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood.

  48. Dried fruits should always be your home, for example, prunes, dried apples. Between meals, if you feel strong hunger, can eat 3-4 dried prunes or the same as a slice of apple.

  49. Rice contains little sodium (a sex hormone of the fluid in the body), but a lot of potassium (banishing her). If at least once a week you arrange a memorable trip for yourself rice a day (you can add only mineral neutral or alkaline water, not oil!), then lose up to 1 kg of body weight of the liquid and the final products of metabolism.

Desiring to get rid of excess weight, all the women are looking for faster ways to losing weight. But keep in mind that weight loss is hard work and the physical and moral. In order to facilitate this difficult process, use the tips which adhering to may be to get an effective result.