What diet is prescribed for gastritis, basic nutritional rules

Many people face such a pathology as gastritis. The disease can be provoked by external and internal factors as well as pathogenic microorganisms Helicobacter. In the treatment of the disease, patients should take the drugs prescribed by gastroenterologists on a course, use folk recipes and limit themselves in nutrition. Food for gastritis must be healthy, light, properly balanced so that the healing process takes place quickly and without complications.

oatmeal with fruit for gastritis

What rules to follow

If a person has been diagnosed with gastritis, he should not despair. If the disease is mild, it is often enough to follow a strict diet for a month to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. When observing medical nutrition, patients should take into account the following nuances:

  1. The weight of a serving should be about 300 g. Patients cannot be passed on, therefore the amount of food ingested should be carefully controlled.
  2. Meals for gastritis should be frequent, about 5-6 times a day. Patients should sit down at the dining table at the same time and make sure that the intervals between meals are the same. Thanks to this approach, it will be possible to avoid the occurrence of a feeling of hunger as well as to ensure a trouble-free function of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. It is forbidden to drink sodas, packaged juices, alcoholic beverages, coffee.
  4. The diet for gastritis is chosen individually for each patient. This is due to the fact that each type of disease has its own food restrictions.
  5. Before eating or during cooking, the dish should be chopped in any available way (it is better to puree). Food of this consistency is well absorbed and the stomach should not work at an increased pace.
  6. Food for patients with gastritis should be served hot.
  7. You can not use spices, salt, sauces and various varieties to enhance the taste of dishes.
  8. It is forbidden to include fast food, fast food, frozen semi-finished products in the diet, sour milk with additives, canned food, confectionery in the diet.
  9. In the process of preparing dishes for patients with gastritis, you can use the following culinary techniques: cooking, steaming, baking, stewing. All fried, smoked food, pickles, sausages are excluded.

Attention!If a person has been diagnosed with gastritis, he should not independently develop a nutritional system for himself. The diet should be prescribed by the attending physician, who based on the test results and other factors will make the correct diet.

Products that can benefit

There are a number of products by which patients with gastritis will be able to eliminate unpleasant symptoms:

  1. Chicken stomach - stops inflammatory processes, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the intensity of painful sensations.
  2. Flaxseed - normalizes digestive processes, eliminates pain.
  3. Potato juice - the components in it have a therapeutic effect on the gastric mucosa.
  4. Propolis - a beekeeping product has analgesic, wound healing, antispasmodic properties.
  5. Oils (vegetables) - have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, healing, enveloping effect on the lesions.
flaxseed for gastritis

What drinks are allowed to get sick

Patients with gastritis should pay attention to their nutrition, maintain normal water-salt balance. They are allowed to consume the following beverages:

  1. Vegetable or fruit juices, not concentrated, prepared by hand.
  2. Homemade compotes, jelly (unsweetened).
  3. Fermented milk drinks - kefir, yogurt.
  4. Rose hips, herb decoction.
  5. Tea (weak) with the addition of a small amount of milk.
  6. Filtered or boiled water.

How to put together a diet for adult patients

Recommendations for the formation of a diet for gastritis should be given to each patient by his attending physician. Patients can use the finished development of gastroenterologists and nutritionists or make a menu for themselves.

Acute form

  1. The first day you should drink more fluids, in the absence of appetite you should not fill your stomach with food.
  2. After stopping the acute phase for 2-3 days, the patient is transferred to a diet 1A table.
  3. The daily diet should be dominated by viscous vegetarian soups, pureed lean meats, boiled soft-boiled chicken eggs, dairy products.
  4. Patients are allowed to use bee honey, olives or butter, jelly and decoction in small doses.
  5. It is forbidden to eat vegetables and fruits that have not been heat-treated, to drink meat broth.

Chronic form with low acidity

  1. Patients should eat liquid or pureed food.
  2. Fermented dairy products, especially fresh cottage cheese, kefir, can be introduced into the diet.
  3. It is allowed to eat citrus fruits, dishes cooked in oil.
  4. The daily caloric content of consumed food should not exceed 3000 kcal.
  5. The list of permitted products for this category of patients is quite extensive, it includes bakery products, fruits, vegetables, broth, cereals, meat, milk.
  6. You should refuse to eat fatty foods, foods that can provoke flatulence, muffins.

Chronic form with increased acidity

  1. The nutritional principle of this type of disease is identical to the rules that patients with acute gastritis must follow.
  2. All junk food is excluded.
  3. The diet should be dominated by light, vegetarian dishes, in a liquid or puree-like consistency.
  4. When composing the menu, it is necessary to exclude products that induce the active generation of gastric juice.
  5. The daily caloric content of consumed food should not exceed 2500 kcal.
  6. It is imperative to take vitamin and mineral complexes prescribed by a gastroenterologist.